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This is Not Our Kitty, or Kitty for short.

She is a stray who showed up around here weeks ago. With the dogs and starting to add farm plants and animals bit by bit, we don’t need another pet now. Neither of us wants an indoor cat, and we weren’t comfortable with a barn cat because of the chickens and rabbits.

However. Sigh.

Kitty is so sweet and friendly and she was absolutely starving, so we started pity feeding her. She sits around with the chickens no problem. But she has a terrible eye infection. It’s worsening and I’m afraid she’ll lose her vision which will make it hard for her to avoid fox, coyotes, and raccoons or catch mice and other little snackies. 

That is why even though I cannot afford to, I’m calling the vet tomorrow. I’m not going to be the heartless jerk who wouldn’t pay for eye spooge for a nice farm kitty.

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