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I have an appointment.

I just finally spoke to the local Farm Service Agency lady, and we made an appointment for me to come in, develop a balance sheet, fill out paperwork, and figure out how much I can/should get in the form of an operating loan.

I’m already intimidated by the paperwork and tempted to cancel. I need to go find my big girl panties, and quick. The appointment is in the morning.

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  1. anindependentguinevere said: You can do this. You are so very capable of doing this. Go get ‘em!
  2. notactuallyme said: See if you can get a little extra for the “crops” you’ll be “growing” and don’t forget to “QC” each “harvest.” There now, I’ve used up my entire supply of quotation marks.
  3. do-over said: Excitingment!
  4. rondicasmith said: You can do this!!!!
  5. cirquedurartastic said: Woman up, Cary!
  6. gatsbylives said: You’ve got this. :)
  7. thegreenliferi said: It is intimidating! Just remind yourself that they are there to walk you through it— it’s what they do, the paperwork makes sense to them, and (hopefully) they are happy to help good people : )
  8. portorock said: Well, since you ain’t got no pants on, changing drawers should be rather simple.
  9. scholvin said: You’ll be the smartest person they’ll see all year.
  10. eoporto said: YAY!!
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