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Holy shit!

A red fox just walked up the hill from the end of the lane, up the grass along the short side of the machine shed and up behind there. Just walking along like it walks there all the time, no biggie. I ran for a camera but tripped over Duff and Fuzz and didn’t make it in time.

Chuckie was and is out sniffing like crazy but totally on the other side of the yard. The fox was beautiful! Really long and cat like, long big fluffy tail, just relaxed in the sunshine like no big deal. Looked very healthy and a good weight.

I know foxes eat chickens, but do they eat cats? I kind of think Fuzz could beat the crap out of a fox, but I’m not sure. We have tons of wild rabbits and ground birds like snipe. I’m hoping the fox will go for them and not the chickens in the fence. (Although they are in the chicken house right now.)


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  1. farmpuma answered: I doubt a fox would be interested in eating a cat. They mostly go for rabbits and rodents. Birds are hard to catch, but chickens are easy.
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  3. yodelmachine answered: A fox chased my cat up a tree once. He was a little kitty, though. But he was also very brave and chased off a stag one time.
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