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What is this? John says mouse, I think young rat. Not all sleek, thicker coarser hair on the head and shoulders. It’s four to five inches long, Lu and Fuzz have both mouthed it.

I’m grossed out.

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  1. ashamedtosay said: Murder cats!
  2. paintedgoat said: Yummmmm!
  3. misfitfarm said: My brother in law says pack rat
  4. funinthesunshine said: Not a rat at all (I say as a rat-lover and owner)
  5. malackey said: Looks like a field mouse to me. Rats have longer faces, in my experience.
  6. knowledgesponge said: Looks too cute to be a rat, don’t rats have long hairless tails?
  7. jewlesthemagnificent said: Could be a vole.
  8. redcloud said: What about a vole? Could it be a vole?
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